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Digital Value Stream is an information technology services company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, primarily focused on addressing the technology challenges faced by organizations in their digital transformation journey.

We enable businesses to optimize technology investments by helping them to develop digital strategies, optimize business processes and enhance customer experiences.

Our Approach

We apply our proprietary and unique Shift Left approach in digital product engineering and Digital Value Stream Framework for Digital Transformation.

We value the importance of understanding the customer pain points and defining the problem from customers perspective through market research, customer interviews and user interviews. We apply Design Thinking principles while designing products, services and customer journeys using customer experience design, user experience design, and customer journey mapping; and Lean, Agile principles and Value Stream Mapping in optimizing the business and digital product engineering processes.


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Digital Value Stream Team

Meet our Team

Sridevi Santha

Founder and CEO

Prasanna Venkatesan

Chief Technology Officer

Kavita Ray

Product Designer

Dr.Kabaly Subramanian


Helping your businesses to modernize the systems and optimize the processes.

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